Medical Planning Center


Advanced Image Processing and 3D Printing for Medicine and Surgery


Advanced Image Processing and 3D Printing for Medicine and Surgery




From a medical image (CT or MRI) we carry out a surgical planning of the case together with the medical team providing a personalized study according to the needs.



Approach of the medical professional to the object of the intervention with a life size model.



4DiMedical has a team of bioengineers at the disposal of the medical team for the personalization and analysis of each clinical case.

4D iMedical Planning Center

4D iMedical Planning Center is a specialized center in the planning, design and printing of surgical solutions as they minimize the risk of interventions to medical professionals.
Our human team has its pillars in the foundations of engineering, from industrial to biomedical, which allows us, together with doctors, to form a multidisciplinary team to successfully plan any clinical case.


Printing technologies

In the 3D printing department we have a wide variety of solutions (FDM, PolyJet, SLA ...) with which we can print from class IIa biocompatible materials to metals such as grade V titanium.

3D printing at the service of medicine

Reduction of surgical times.
Class IIa biocompatible materials..
Ease of communication with the patient, reducing uncertainty and understanding of the case by family members..
Minimization of surgical risk.

Analysis with virtual models

Thanks to the recreation of virtual biomodels, medical professionals, while directly collaborating with our team of engineers, can plan the multiple ways to approach an intervention and work with different surgical scenarios.

The 3D reconstruction of the anatomical structures of the patient allows the introduction of variables that may be of interest when carrying out the medical intervention.

The virtual image is made with exact millimeter calculations between organs and recreates exact volumes of them.

Analysis with printed biomodels

Bioprinting allows visualizing, touching and maneuvering with a life-size model of the organ or affected area in the intervention.

Having so far consisted of all surgical preparation in planning with flat images, the opportunity to practice with three-dimensional structures becomes very realistic training for the entire medical team. Surgeons may now prepare their medical team for the operating room with greater precision and accuracy.

In addition to the benefits of planning with bioprinting, we must count on the reduction of costs in time and resources for health centers thanks to the fact that prior preparation allows improving the compression of the intervention and reduces the risk of complications that may arise.

Our Services

Surgical Planning

From a medical image (CT or MRI) we carry out a personalized planning of the clinical case together with the medical team, providing a study with the dimensions of the area to be studied.

3D printing biomodels

Recreation of the clinical case in volume, size and real color for a study prior to the operation and better communication with the patient.

Virtual 3D biomodel

From the 3D viewer of our platform, once the biomodel of the medical image has been obtained, the professional will be able to rotate, enlarge and see the virtual model in various colors.

Design and printing of surgical guides

Designed to facilitate the work of the professional during surgery and printed on class IIa biocompatible material.

3D Sintered Metal Printing

Impressions of devices formed in various types of metal.

How to work with 4D iMedical


4D iMedical works to facilitate the transfer of information between the engineering team and the medical team, thanks to a virtual platform and direct contact that provides fluid communication throughout the planning, manufacturing and surgical support process. In addition, said platform complies with all data protection regulations, which ensures the confidentiality of the files to the professional.

We work to facilitate the transfer and ensure the security of information between 4DiMedical bioengineers and healthcare professionals. For this reason, MEDICALDOCK is characterized by:

✔ Be intuitive and easy to use.

✔ Comply with all current regulations of Data Protection.

✔ Provide direct communication with the technical team.

✔ Offer the possibility of a flow of completely digital work.

1. Registration

The medical team must register all their professional data on the MedicalDock platform.

2. Creation of new case

Creation of a new treatment request where the medical team must send all the files such as CBCT, TAC, TAC with contrast, etc., and all the indications for the planning or printing of the biomodel.

3. Multidisciplinary meeting

There will be a first meeting with the multidisciplinary team to get ready for surgery planning.

4. Analysis and Planning

The 4D iMedical team analyzes and generates the planning of the biomodels.

5. Biomodels are ready

The 4D iMedical team will send via OrtoDock the virtual biomodel to the medical team; be it an image to visualize the organ or bone, the final file for 3D printing or the planning of the treatment with the use of surgical guides, implants or auxiliary material that will be used during the operation.

6. Technical Support

Once the process is finished, the 4D iMedical team will still give to the medical team technical support until the end of the intervention, to answer questions or make updates in the planning if necessary.


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